Robotics and Extracurricular Activities

Our Signature Experiences

In order to develop the leaders of tomorrow, we nurture the curiosity and imaginations of more than 1,100 students in our PreK-12th grade community through programs in STEM and exploratory and applied learning, paired with a robust set of extracurricular activities and athletics.

These experiences help students develop the perseverance, creativity, teamwork, and determination needed to thrive in colleges, careers, and their lives post-graduation.

From after-school clubs and activities for our youngest learners to Advanced Placement classes for our high school students, we strive to fulfill our founding vision and celebrate our namesake by providing multiple opportunities for our students to become adept at mathematical reasoning and use the scientific method to frame and solve problems. Across our campuses, our students make slime, build robots, and solve complex calculus equations.

Middle school students exploring robotics.
At our middle school, we offer a robotics elective for all students. Through robotics, students design and build robots, learn the basics of coding, and conduct experiments to master the mechanical engineering fundamentals.

“Robotics is very competitive, and I like that because I like trying to build the best things.”

Zerabruck, 7th Grade

“I like robotics because if I want to grow up and be an engineer, it can really help me.”

Dylan, 7th Grade

Our students’ futures require so much more than just STEM mastery, which is why beyond these academic goals we offer robust extracurricular activities and signature experiences that help them thrive as whole students.

“Whether it is one of our elementary school students discovering a love of engineering by building with legos, a middle school student getting their competitive juices flowing on the debate team, or a tri-sport athlete on our varsity high school teams, these opportunities make E.L. Haynes a vibrant school community,” says Hilary Darilek, Chief Executive Officer.

During the 19-20 school year, our middle school boys soccer team came in second place in their division, playing under the lights in the championship match at Audi Field.

From our middle school to our high school, our students participate in soccer, basketball, cross country, girls lacrosse, flag football, and volleyball. These opportunities help our students understand the power of teamwork and determination, and we see tremendous success. 

During the 19-20 school year, our middle school boys soccer team came in second place in their division, playing under the lights in the championship match at Audi Field. Our high school girls basketball team made the State playoffs. Our high school boys soccer team received a statewide ranking above several elite private school teams in the area, and our newest varsity sport, girls lacrosse, brings new excitement to our field each spring.

All of these programs are integral to student engagement. Whether it is STEM, exploratory and applied learning, extracurricular activities or athletics, these opportunities help them build skills like teamwork, responsibility, and a sense of community, and they also boost school attendance, academic success, and our students’ aspirations for continuing their education past high school.

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Robotics and Extracurricular Activities

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